「盈聲控股有限公司」之成立, 是希望為顧客提供更專業及全面的一站式銷售服務為基本, 再加上公司各員工之誠懇服務態度, 以及對其代理之產品及市場深具認識, 來維持我們的服務質素與代理產品質素達致同一水平, 才可滿足現今客戶的嚴格要求!

為配合香港及澳門的市場發展, 我們精心挑選了來自世界各地優質音響器材品牌供客人選購, 無論客人需要什麼級別的產品我們也樂於提供專業意見以供參考。當其它代理還未能好好提供技術支援服務的同時, 我們又怎會遺漏這重要的一環, 早已默默為客人所需而準備了最全面的技術支援服務作配合!
總結以上各要點, 我們會因應各種市場需要而修改及整合產品路向, 在未來的時間希望能成為顧客最信賴及可靠的供應商!

Our core values

Sound Classy aims to provide a more professional and comprehensive “one-stop” solution since we established. We are here to support our customers with:

  • Sincerity in our service attitude
  • Caring your needs
  • Honesty to provide you the best solution with the best fit products
  • Liability to give you the most comprehensive technical support

In order to cope with the latest market development in Hong Kong and Macau, we choose a wide range of excellent sound equipment brands all over the world. We are glad to give professional opinion despite your selection of products to be used. We are standby for technical support at all time while others are still preparing!

We always keep ourselves update and adjust our services and products to adapt the current sophisticated environment. We hope we will be your most reliable supplier and support in the sooner future.