Audio System Installation in Pui Ching Middle School

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MACAU: Pui Ching Middle School recently chose One Systems Direct Weather speakers for installation in its new assembly hall and indoor stadium. The installation includes two 2121M, two 1121M and four 112UM speakers in the Assembly Hall and an additional eight 108IM units in their Indoor sports stadium.

Founded in 1889 in Guangzhou and later relocated to Macau in 1938 as a co-ed Christian school, Pui Ching Middle School houses kindergarten through to secondary students, and has produced some of the Hong Kong areas alumni, including director of Macau’s cultural Affairs Bureau, Sou Chio Fai, and notable composers Joseph Koo and Lei Chun. In its 70 years the school has gone through a number of growth spurts, most recently looking for an audio system that was both reliable and offered the highest value. The installation was designed and supplied by Sound Classy, One Systems